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MoleSVN is a SubVersion client frontend for the BeOS operating system, implemented as a Tracker extension (like TortoiseSvn for the Windows operating system). It incorporates a diff viewer, to easily view and resolve conflicts.

News :

Zeta 1.1 and MoleSvn...ouch !!

10/27/2005 by Kor

  • I have installed the latest Zeta 1.1, so my ssh problems have been disappeared.
  • The Molesvn addon thrashes the Tracker of the latest Zeta 1.1 at the end of the execution. I've found the problem : the new Zeta Tracker doesn't like that addon calls functions fork/waitpid together. I'll try to see if yT can resolve the bug.
  • I've found a bug in the class BColumnListView of the Vision source code, when the user move the columns. After that, the index of columns are not re-indexed. There is an another bug, which is difficul to find. Sometimes, the mouse event doesn't work, i try to do the same thing 10 times, all will be good, and the next one, there will be no mouse event...
  • A screenshot of the new commit window (still a debug version, unmodified files will not be shown) COMMIT_WNIDOW

We’re not dead... v0.3 will come soon

10/09/2005 by Kor

  • The dynamic popup menu has been improved from the previous version. The content of the menu now really depends of the state of the selected files (reading from the file entries in the .svn subdirectory).
  • I’m currently working on a better commit window. The user will see the status of all selected files (Added, Non-versionned, Modified, ...), and he will have the choice to check/uncheck which files/directories to commit.
  • I have some problems with ssh (no output) under Zeta Neo, so I don’t commit my changes actually.

First news

07/01/2005 by Chowette

  • First release planned for july.
  • The project has a logo. Logo
Last modified: 09-10-2005